WP7: Dissemination, Integration and Exploitation


The integrative approach advocated in this project treats multiple problem formulations as an inevitable consequence of competition for economic and natural resources.

The emergence of communities and institutions united by a tacit understanding of how the world is and how people should behave is an emergent by-product of these ecodynamic stresses. It follows, then, that the impact of this research will be measured by its ability to influence relations between stakeholder communities working with the research team and to continue to influence behaviour and understanding after the funding stream has stopped.

WP7 will work to further those objectives. In particular, the specific objectives of the WP7 on
Dissemination and Exploitation are:

  • To design and implement an effective communication/dissemination/exploitation strategy for project results, including a suitable exit strategy
  • To produce high-quality dissemination products
  • To ensure effective interaction and dialogue with external stakeholders and experts
  • To coordinate activities of COMPLEX with other FP7




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